August 3, 2011

antony gormley: expansion works 1989 - 1993 (2)

body, 1990

body and fruit, 1991 / 1993
cast iron, air

body, 1991 - 93
cast iron, air

still running, 1990 - 93
cast iron, air

earth, 1991 - 93

end product, 1990 - 93
cast iron, air

still falling I, 1990 - 91
cast iron, air

The EXPANSION works began with an obsession with renegotiating the skin: questioning where things and events begin and end.
All forms become egg-shaped if their skin is repeated, achieving an equilibrium between stasis and potential.
The EXPANSION works apply this process to the body in dynamic motion, moving bodies either in self-locomotion, as in STILL LEAPING, or in positions where the body is the subject of movement, as in STILL FALLING.
All the pieces are based on moulds of my own body, but I gave up the obsessive repetition of the skin which would have resulted in a plaster form that weighed several tons.

still leaping, work in progress photos:

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Anonymous said...

hard is soft ...... love these sculptures
fits very well outdoors

Art said...

Amazing sculptures very beautiful!