February 6, 2012

rachel de joode: altars, still lifes, and work in progress


still life:

the residue of those celestial objects bound to our sun by gravity:

work in progress:

found at iGNANT - video via iGNAN.TV

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rachel de joode: a peanut, half a horse, a chicken foot, a burning cigarette, and a black hole


Anonymous said...

Very different and interesting
My favorite is the torso with eggs and black shoe

John Do said...

Strangely awesome.
You can check a nice interview of Rachel de Joode here : http://www.lagazettedumauvaisgout.com/original/rachel-de-joode/?lang=en

Reality is a bitch said...

What the fuck is this? Another "artist" making something very ugly and completely useless and selling it as "art"? Wow, what a surprise.

We normal people already have a word for this; Garbage. And the value: 0, zip, nadda, nothing.

Even more funny are the idiotic people that act like they know art and are saying how nice, pretty, awesome and wonderful this is. It is fucking GARBAGE!

An "artist" like this just walks outside his house to the nearest garbage bin(Wouldn't want to make yourself tired, huh?), steals it along(Because artists are very poor people. And searching a normal, paid job? Brrrrrrrr.), opens it up, throws everything inside on the floor et voila, "art".

You people are very special. Not the special as in "Wow, you're so smart", "good in your work", what a great talent". But more the special kind that wears a helmet and don't even do sports!

And of course frightened as hell for some critique, hence the moderated comments. Guess there were a lot more negative outings on here.

the viewer said...

To the curious: we have never deleted a comment that wasn't spam, the moderation is only for posts over 14 days so we don't get inundated w spam.
To 'reality is a bitch'. Please submit links or image files for any art you consider worthy. As long as it was produced after 1948 and is professional quality, I'll post it.
Since you didn't bother to include a real name-identity or link to a real site, I'm assuming you aren't serious, that your diatribe was a parody. Please feel free to prove me wrong. Your comments are welcome.

the viewer said...

Update: this, perhaps, is the source of all the interest: http://retecool.com/post/maar-is-het-kunst

Anonymous said...

'Reality is a bitch said...' probably ment that his own reality is a bitch. I think his comment is hilarious and very PVV-ish. So art must be beautiful and have a purpose. Then what is the purpose of music.. a ringtone? And yes, i think the work of De Joode will never be sold in the IKEA for the interior. How sad!

the viewer said...

'reality is a bitch' gets his own post here

interesting, never heard from him/her again...