April 13, 2011

kellyann burns: oil paintings

5:47 pm 9/22/10
oil on board 6x9

10:14 am 9/18/10
oil on board 8x10

8:11 am 9/25/10
oil on board 6x9

7:46 pm 10/08/09
oil on board 8x10

1:50 pm 1/06/07
oil on board 8x10

3:57 pm 12/12/07
oil on board 8x9

3:30 pm 2/26/09
oil on board 7x9

5:27 pm 10/14/06
oil on board 7x9

7:01 pm 12/08/07
oil on board 6x9

9:21 pm 7/18/07
oil on coated aluminum 60x60

12:27 pm 9/02/09
oil on canvas 22.5x26

my process is my subject. the harmonic balance of color, of light and form found in nature is constantly shifting, subordinated by nature’s own process, its own need to transform.

i paint, i sand; i turn the canvas. i paint, i sand; i turn the canvas. i build with color and focus on the conceptual elements of painting, not the decorative. over time as in nature, order and form unite, until a harmony is revealed between light within the painting and light reflecting from the painting.
kellyann burns

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Anonymous said...

beautiful paintings! I have been checking the blog again, and it's just getting better.


Anonymous said...

These paintings are stunning. Wonderful find. Great blog. Keep up the good work.