March 18, 2011

kazunori fujimoto architects: house in nasu

house in nasu
this is a weekend house built in nasu-town, tochigi prefecture.
though in the resort town, the road and the neighbor houses are near by the site, and it seems difficult to keep privacy.
so we aimed to make an indoor space like a scandinavian soft interiors instead of the room open directly to the outside.
the surroundings tall trees blur the outline of the house, and the interior, gives an abstract light, shade, and many colors.
it is a one-room space that has two big windows and a concrete wall.
by the two windows the room connected to the outside environment.
closing the white curtains, all symbols as "house" are hidden, and the color and materials that can be seen are limited, still more, the abstract space is filled with a calm atmosphere.
the inside concrete wall-like "monolith" divides the space generously, and puts life in order.

all content via kazunori fujimoto architect & associates

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Anonymous said...

I love the pale grey bareness.