February 9, 2011

yasutaka yoshimura: nowhere but sajima

yasutaka yoshimura architects
yokosuka city, kanagawa prefecture, japan
three-story reinforced concrete construction

'nowhere but sajima' by japanese yasutaka yoshimura architects, is a vacation residence located an hour distance from tokyo. it is a rare site situated adjacent to the ocean and mt. fuji and enoshima can be seen on the opposite shore. constructed with reinforced concrete the three storey residence features windows of all different shapes and sizes.
the side facing towards the ocean is the northern area, and a road with a row of condominiums and heavy traffic run by its side. while the large building aperture enables an open view to the ocean, it also draws all the attention from the road and condominiums. several tubes are connected to form one room, and conversely, one tube is shared by two rooms

found at designboom

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Michael Grayson Levine said...

David, I think this architect is terrific, deeply in touch with feng shui and I want to experience one of his spaces in perosn, Canyou set that up???

Anonymous said...

great architecture
wonder how it would feel to take a bath on a stormy night