February 10, 2011

yann le guennec: coïncidences géométriques

coïncidence géométrique IV 2010

coïncidence géométrique II - cercles 2010

coïncidence géométrique V 2010

coïncidence géométrique I - carrés 2010

rectange central 2011
coïncidence géométrique: the generated geometrical shape is a function of the viewer's IP address. for each IP there is a unique picture, and the picture is 'created' by the 'spectator'. the algorithm (PHP code) transforms the IP address into a geometrical shape.
yann le guennec

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interactive archive w IP addresses coïncidence géométrique IV
generate your unique image at coïncidence géométrique IV
generate your unique image at coïncidence géométrique VI

my work is about the evolution of painting in a networked environment, both physical and digital, present and distant, in time and space. I make what I call variable paintings. they address classical themes such as landscape or still life. these paintings are not paintings in the sense of concrete objects, but digital pictures produced online by networked devices. this approach does not exclude the possibility of making physical objects from digital pictures, but the composition of these pictures is made online and should primarily be seen online, for example projected in an exhibition space connected to the internet. all devices are built on almost the same model. visual sensors (eg: photography, stills from video) are taking pictures in an environment, these pictures are transformed by online softwares and then shown to the spectator. variations in this main model allow each device to address more specific problematics in the field of networked painting.

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