February 1, 2011

steven k. james: a facebook portfolio

lucky motel 1 2011

statue composited against grafitti; all components of this image shot in rome 2010

taxi driver 2010

pano piece - midnight in vegas - from original nadadada barrick museum show

night racing 2010

from original dada motel album 2010

rain from taxi 2010

safe 2010 (iPhone image)

out the mandarin bar, iPhone image 2010

refracted street, iPhone image 2010

crazy j 2010

ghosts against the tracks 2010

s and smoke, image of sandra louis shot in vancouver, bc, digital mixed media w digital paint 2010

from echo lake album (iPhone image) 2010

skjames by diannasion (fb) (w post work by skjames) 2009

steven k. james (skjames) lives and creates in reno, NV.
'I was one of the original occupants of the famed Dada Motel exhibit, an art movement that has become NadaDada and includes more than 100 artists, most of whom reside in the remote reaches of northern Nevada. I have exhibited in real and virtual galleries around the world and I'm currently invited to become a visiting professor at Luxun Art Academy in Shenyang, China and will travel there in the spring if all goes well...
For more on the artists of NadaDada search NadaDada on Facebook, Google or YouTube or see my videos on YouTube.'

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