February 7, 2011

ricardo carbajal moss: and of course cherries

bite me 2011

come dance with us 2010

come walk with us 2010

first spring day 2008

new pine cone 2007

warm winter day 2008

lord's prayer 2007

high above us 2007

When I paint, I try to work intuitively", says Moss. "The objects I incorporate in my work are everyday things I see around me. Each object is painted in and finished before moving on to the next. Drawing from my past work where I would illustrate abstract ideas as well as surreal dreams, these disciplines have taken me to a more representational world in which I now find myself. In this world there is a land, a table top, a window and of course cherries. As of late there may be pears.

just finished 2006

two kinds of friends 2006

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