December 7, 2010

john grade: circuit

glazed ceramic backed with gypsum polymer, laminated to corn-based resin and marine netting
cynthia reeves gallery new york

Circuit is a sculpture designed to change in direct response to an alpine landscape. After it is initially exhibited in New York and then Seattle I will divide the eight parts of the sculpture. I will carry these parts up a mountain and secure them to eight chosen sites. Each site has unique characteristics. The sites all vary in elevation and topography, but if connected by a trail, they would describe an ellipse around the mountain peak. For one year the sculpture will remain on the mountain. Periodically, I will document changes through video and photography. Finally, I will retrieve the eight parts and exhibit them together again along with documentation of the site work.

This project continues my investigation into how sculpture can reflect perceptions about landscape and expand these ideas through change and displacement. Because Circuit will be spread over eight sites, a complex portrait of this landscape will be captured and a mixture of subtle and dramatic change should result.

John Grade

installation video by ian gill:

all photographs copyright john grade all rights reserved

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Anonymous said...

GREAT sculpture.

Jean Fioca said...

It was so rewarding to volunteer on this project! I'm sorry that I missed the Seattle exhibit last year. Looking forward to seeing the final result!