October 9, 2010

tim richardson: minor threat

minor threat
dir. tim richardson
via www.tim richardson.tv

Inspired by the character 'Travis Bickle' from Scorcese's Taxi Driver, Richardson collaborated with choreographer/dancer Matthew Day to make MT.

Richardson developed his 'data collapse' video editing technique with this project to accentuate the explosive nature of Bickle's inherent violence.

the viewer notes: pardon my redundancy...
5.20.10: posted at minimal exposition with original score (via collider.com)
7.5.10 original video removed by collider. original soundtrack replaced on youtube version with a less compelling score. pity.
10.4.10: re-posted with original score. some things just need to be here.


more video
also from collider: we have decided not to die


oldmetalhead said...

absolutely breathtaking

Anonymous said...

Very strong EMOTION....affects