May 21, 2010

hugo arcier: duplicate | serial objects

duplicate iphone 2009

duplicate house 2009

duplicate car 2009

duplicate canned food 2009

duplicate sextoy 2009

duplicate cross 2009

In this specific series, my research focuses on duplication. It is a function that can be more generally associated to the digital world.

An object, once created (modeled) in 3D, can be infinitely duplicated. The concept of the original is no longer relevant. More precisely, I would say that the original no longer exists, as each instance is absolutely identical.

The object loses its ability to fascinate. It is taken out of context and becomes a mere shell. It is now only an atom, only the whole matters. The objects are made of a uniform material that appears to blend into the underlying expanse. By a strange mitosis phenomenon, the objects proliferate infinitely, at the expense of all that is natural and human. This proliferation levels and sterilizes everything in its way.
hugo arcier
excerpt from 'duplicate - serial objects.' artist statement

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