November 1, 2009

meditation: tames turrell at wolfsburg


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WOLFSBURG. In collaboration with the Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg, the American light artist James Turrell has created his largest-ever walk-in light installation in a museum context: an 11-metre-high, “space within a space” structure that covers a floor area of 700 square metres and reaches up to the glass roof of the museum. Turrell’s Ganzfeld Piece “Bridget’s Bardo” is a hollow construction divided into two parts. The two interconnecting chambers – the Viewing Space and the Sensing Space – are both completely empty and – a new feature of this type of work – flooded with slowly changing coloured light. The Kunstmuseum is showing The Wolfsburg Project along with a number of Turrell's other works in the most extensive exhibition by the artist in Germany to date. more background from

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