November 24, 2009

erwin olaf: grief

all content © erwin olaf
via studio erwin olaf
found at la fotografia hoy

more art photography


Musser said...

Liking these, of course... but what really fascinates me is the process in attaining the images.

I would truly enjoy watching a short documentary on the adventure toward the goal. The direction of the participants. The initial explanation of the concept to the participants.

I find this a very mature concept... not obtainable by just anyone... without having traveled a long road of experience and self-searching.

the viewer said...

i was struck by the expressiveness of the characters, the postures, the varied settings with an identical palette. i would also like to see more: of the video, or of musser's proposed documentary.
(for a contrasting treatment of this topic see his sparring partners from 2001)