July 11, 2009

jim sanborn: beyond merely visual

kryptos 1990
via www.sfu.ca

antipodes, 1997
copper and petrified wood - 96 x 75 x 26
hirschorn museum and sculpture garden
photo via smithsonian institution

code room, 1990
from the exhibition: covert obsolescence
photo via elonka.com

cyrillic projector, 1990-1997
bronze, light - 5' diameter
unc charlotte, nc

photo via spacestationx.com

cyrillic projector, 1990-1997 [detail]
photo via spacestationx.com

adam smith's spinning top, 1996-1997
bronze - 9' x 12'
unc charlotte, nc
photo via spacestationx.com

there is much in jim sanborn's work beyond the direct visual experience, perhaps warranting further examination. if you're interested, this is a good place to start: biographical notes and list of jim sanborn's works

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