July 22, 2009

dan flavin: constructed light

in 2008 the pulitzer foundation for the arts in st. louis mounted a two-phase exhibition of dan flavin's flourescent work. occupying every level of the tadao ando designed building including the exterior, the work was installed to 'accommodate the spaces in ways that both complemented and challenged the architecture without compromising the integrity of flavin's art'.

untitled (in memory of barbara schiller), 1973

five untitled works, 1964 - 1974

untitled (in honor of harold joachim) 3, 1977

untitled (for robert, with fond regards) 2, 1977

exterior, pulitzer foundation for the arts

untitled (to stephen with gratitude aplenty), 1974-89
also shown: detail of ellsworth kelly blue black, 2000

untitled, 1971

untitled (to barbara lipper), 1973

exterior view of untitled, 1971
also shown: detail of scott burton, rock settee, 1988-89

two untitled works, 1976

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