April 17, 2012

another place

by FatPete, all rights reserved

by hartlandmartin, creative commons license

by Ruth W, creative commons license

by Richard Messenger, creative commons license

by Drown, creative commons license

by petecarr, creative commons license

another place:
  • by antony gormley
  • 100 human-sized cast iron figures facing the sea, spread over 2 miles of crosby beach at liverpool
  • as tides ebb & flow, figures are revealed & submerged by the sea
  • slideshow


cynthia cummins said...

I love the first image. Must be the rustiness that's calling to me. BTW, it's miss cynthia posing as my alter ego Ms McM. Or call me "Ealsenta," the word verification word that has been selected at random for me. Ealsenta. Good for a sci fi character.

Purkinje said...

I've looked at this and I am acknowledging your effort even if I can't fully describe my emotional response. I've shown this to several people.

Anonymous said...

I am filled with emotions
completely wonderful.....love it!